About Us

Are you tired of all the restrictions, questions and hoops you have to jump through – just to open a bank account? Wouldn’t you like to stop wasting time and worrying about your bank transactions? Well, we have a solution for you!!!
Swift Pay is the modern advanced online payment system, that offers both freedom and complete privacy. Available internationally in more than 50 countries on all continents. With physical offices in 7 countries, Swift Pay is super simple to use, even for those who are inexperienced.
Therefore, we have a second name "Kingdom of Beautiful mind" - the world of strict respect for human rights.

Swift pay has no transaction limits. All payments are instant. You can register online, and in a few minutes, you can have a real personal or business bank account. We require minimal documentation to get started. For the personal account, you simply attach a copy of your passport. For the company account you must send us copies of the company documents and passport of the director. All the necessary instructions, including bank details will arrive at your email address.

Our Story

We are connected with banks all around the world in most countries. We will choose the corresponding account for your needs in a suitable and safe country. You will not have to worry about sending invoices for your transactions. They will not be required. Our international team is at your disposal for any questions. We speak 11 languages and are available 24/7. We have no restrictions -- all nationalities can open an account! We look forward to welcoming you as customers and offering you our friendly assistance. Become our customer and we will show you our high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Welcome!