How to send and receive EUR,USD,GBP and CHF with maximum Privacy
and impeccable gurantee of Swift pay

1. Register for free.

Sign up online or in our app for free. All you need is an email address, or a Google or Facebook account.

2. Choose an amount to send.

Tell us how much you want to send. We’ll show you our fees upfront, and tell you when your money should arrive.

3. Add recipient’s bank details.

Fill in the details of your recipient’s bank account. If you don’t know their details, we can request them for you.

4. Verify your identity.

For some currencies, or for large transfers, we need a photo of your ID. This helps us keep your money safe.

5. Pay for your transfer.

Send your money with a bank transfer, or a debit or credit card.

6. That’s it.

We’ll handle the rest. You can track your transfer in your account, and we'll tell your recipient it's coming.

The Swift pay is a System of solutions for the most demanding customers and secure transactions without questions.

1. Exclusive solutions for corporate clients with large amount for incoming and outgoing bank transfers.
2. Manage your mo ney by online banking.
3. Make instant guaranteed transactions.
4. Proof of funds is not required.
5. For open an personal account, we request only email and personal data with ID.
6. For corporate account: scanned copies of corporate documents and ID of directors.
7. We accept also Western Union to fund your account.

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Swift pay

Use your Swift pay Prepaid Card worldwide. A fast, easy and secure for ATM, shopping and payments online

1. Charge your debit card instantly online.
2. Withdraw the cash from atm worldwide.
3. Our debit card doesn’t have commission.
4. Valid for 5 years. Become a VIP customer.
5. We can manage daily ATM limits.
6. We accept also Western Union to fund your account.

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